A question on humanity’s priorities as emphasized by Typhoon Haiyan

As the title of this post suggests, this is a run-off off my last post. Granted, it’s been a little under a week and yet this is still at the forefront of my mind, while the media chooses to cover other interesting news ie- Rob Ford and Toronto politics ..

This here is the link to the article that really hit home for me, and prompted me to write what I did in the last post. It’s an honest question that needs to be addressed, perhaps not in some form of an argument, but it’s refreshing to know that there are other like-minded individuals out there who are genuinely curious about how our society functions- what we choose to do and when.


Granted, we are not perfect human beings and there are other, more pressing things that are important to us. Just read with a grain of salt!

In other news, I was pleased to see that a submission I had made to a local newspaper, The Richmond Review was published online. (This is quick post I made during class :D, but it was to acknowledge the overwhelmingly positive feedback / response to Typhoon Haiyan!)

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