4 Reasons Why You Should Care about Vancouver’s Chinatown (2014)

Originally a student created final project for UBC’s History 483: Asian Migration to the Americas, ‘4 Reasons Why You Should Care About Vancouver’s Chinatown’ was the product of conversation surrounding local Vancouver politics and the future of Vancouver’s Chinatown.

The video captures 4 reasons why there are so much potential in store for Chinatown’s future from the perspective of university students. Still, these reasons resonate with young and old, Asian and non-Asian, and those who may not necessarily have direct ties with Vancouver’s Chinatown. Hopefully this video will educate about the value in a historic and culturally vibrant neighbourhood as we move towards the future, to convey the value of Chinatown as a Canadian space of great importance.

Directed by: Austin Liu, Dominique Bautista, Nicole So, Rafael Fuentes, Tony Wan


Local media, The Georgia Straight, shared our film here.

My longer personal response and thinking behind the project in another blogpost, here.